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     Our children are the most vulnerable members of society, they hold the visions of the future. Protecting our children against the fear of crime and from becoming victims of crime must be a priority.  Keeping this in mind computer and telecommunication technology that allow our children to reach out to new sources of knowledge and cultural experiences are also leaving them vulnerable to exploitation and harm by computer-sex offenders.  Please always keep a close eye on what your child is looking at on the internet and who they are communicating with.  Be involved in you child's life and always ask questions, if they know you care so will you children.

     Kids and parents here are some very important things that you need to keep in mind when you're on your computer at home or at school.  Not everyone is out there wanting to be your friend.

  • First, remember never to give out personal information such as your name, home address, school name, or telephone number in a chat room or on bulletin boards. Also, never send a picture of yourself to someone you chat with on the computer without your parent's permission.

  • Never write to someone who has made you feel uncomfortable or scared.

  • Do not meet someone or have them visit you without the permission of your parents.

  • Tell your parents right away if you read anything on the Internet that makes you feel uncomfortable.

  • Remember that people online may not be who they say they are. Someone who says that "she" is a "12-year-old girl" could really be an older man.

For more information of internet safety follow the links below.

     The FBI's:  A Parent's Guide to Internet Safety