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 How can I obtain a copy or information on an arrest in the neighborhood?

Most of the arrest information is kept confidential. If the arrest has not gone completely through the court system we cannot release anything more than what you may have seen in the papers.

 What is the differences in a 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree misdemeanor offense?

Basically the determination of the degree of the crime is the severity and the sentence a person could receive for the offense. The guidelines for this are found in PA Consolidates Statutes Sentencing Code Title 42, sections 9701 through 9781. These guidelines define a Misdemeanor 1 (M-1) as a crime punishable by a maximum prison sentence of 5 years and a $10,000.00 fine. An M-2 as maximum of 2 years and a $5,000.00 fine, and an M-3 as maximum 1 year and a $2,500.00 fine.

 I was involved in an incident and my property was taken as evidence, how do I get my stuff back?

If you have a disposition sheet from the court of common pleas of Luzerne County signed by a Judge then all you have to do is complete a Request form to setup a date and time to pickup your property.  If you do not have a disposition sheet then the same Request form must be filled out.  Therefore the officer handling the incident can follow up the disposition of the requested property.

It is best for the owner of the property be present to receive property.  If you as the property owner cannot pickup the property a notarized Property Release form must be completed and provided prior to release.

See our Step By Step Guide

 I received an e-mail from a friend of a story that just doesn't sound quite right.

We have received several questions about what appear to be Urban Legends. There are a couple Urban Legends web sites ( and who do a great job in researching the stories and deciding if they are fact or fiction, and the stories behind the stories.

 I heard that if you have a junior's license and go to an organized event, such as a concert or the prom, and have written permission to drive after 11pm it is legal.

No. What you heard is wrong. The PA Motor Vehicle Code, Section 1503, subsection (c), paragraph (2) outlines the permitted reasons for driving after 11pm. The permission you referred to is an affidavit from your employer, fire chief or supervisor. You can read it from here:

 How do I get a copy of a accident report?

Reports are available threw a

 How do I get a copy of a police report?

Reports are available Monday through Friday, from 6am to 2pm. Incident reports are $15.00 each.  A Request Form is required first and should be filled out prior to request.  Call the station, 570-674-2000, first to make sure the report is ready.

 What happens if I get caught drinking at a party and am under 21?

Several things can happen, none of them pleasant. First your driving privilege will be suspended if you are convicted. 1st offense suspended for 90 days, 2nd for 1 year, 3rd and subsequent offenses for 2 years.

         You will be charged as a criminal and have a criminal record.

         You may be ordered to pay a fine up to $500.

         Your parents will be notified.

         You may be required to successfully complete an alcohol education, intervention or counseling program.

You will have to pay a $25 restoration fee before you get your driver's license back.

Even if you don't have a license or are too young to apply yet your privileges will be suspended to take effect when you apply for a license or learner's permit.

 What happens if I am under 21 and get stopped for DUI?

For someone under 21 years of age the blood alcohol content (BAC) is lower than for someone over 21. If you are stopped and your BAC is .02 or higher you can be charged with DUI. If you are over 18 you will be required to complete an Alcohol Highway Safety course, may face a license suspension of one year, up to 48 hours in jail, and pay up to $5,000 in fines. You will also have to pay court costs and higher insurance costs. If you are under 18 you will be processed through the juvenile court system. Remember a DUI arrest stays on your record and can effect future employment. For more information on alcohol and the law visit the PA Liquor Control Enforcement web site.

 What do I do if I feel a traffic citation is unfair?

Plead Not Guilty and Request a hearing from the District Justice. Call 570-696-4477.

 What if I see a crime take place and I do not want to get involved but want to inform the Police Department?

The Dallas Township Police Department has an Anonymous Tip form that can be filled out online and submitted to the police department.  Follow the instructions on the form.

****  If the incident is a true emergency,

please call 911 and you can still stay Anonymous  ****