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     *Reminder to residents that parking is prohibited on the side of streets or roads where posted, including developments from November 01, 2017 thru and including April 30th, 2018: between the hours of 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. Violators will be ticketed.  Fines are set at $15.00 for the first offense and $25.00 for the second or more offenses.

Traffic Enforcement

     To help combat aggressive driving on highways with in Dallas Township the Dallas Township Police are participating in the Pennsylvania Aggressive Driving Enforcement and Education Project during the year.  So beware, follow traffic laws and use common sense while traveling threw Dallas Township and everyone will arrive at their dentition on time, alive

What is the Pennsylvania Aggressive Driving Enforcement and Education Project?

     The Pennsylvania Aggressive Driving Enforcement and Education Project is a public safety initiative which aims to provide education, information and solutions for Pennsylvania's aggressive driving problem.

     The regions 1st program "Smooth Operator" was launched 1997 by a group of Washington area law enforcement agencies. By 1999, the coalition had grown to include elected officials and representatives from government agencies, private sector organizations and law enforcement agencies from the District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia.

     Pennsylvania piloted Smooth Operator in 2006 and took the program statewide in 2007. Pennsylvania began its own aggressive driving enforcement program in 2009.  Currently, more than 400 Pennsylvania police departments participate in year-round enforcement. Nearly 241,000 citations have been written since the program began in our state.

Did You Know?

Over 1,000 Pennsylvanians were killed last year in crashes involving aggressive driving. Crashes claimed a total of 1,525 people.

For more information on the Aggressive Driving Enforcement and Education Project.

Stopping Distracted Driving

Distracted driving is a dangerous national epidemic. It's responsible for thousands of lives lost on the road and nearly half a million fatalities. Take a look at these statistics that illustrate just how dangerous and harmful distracted driving can be:

In 2014, 3,179 people were killed and 431,000 people were injured in motor vehicles involving distracted drivers.

Every day nine Americans are killed by distracted driving accidents.

Texting typically takes your eyes off of the road for five seconds. For five seconds at 55 mph, you can drive the length of a football field while checking a text -- practically blindfolded. Research indicates that two seconds is the longest you can safely glance away from the road.

One in four motor vehicle crashes now involves a cell phone.

Reaching for a phone or engaging in other visual-manual subtasks increases your risk of crashing by three times.

When driving conditions and time on task were controlled for, the impairments associated with using a cell phone while driving can be as profound as those associated with driving while drunk. Texting makes you eight times more likely to get into an accident.

Drivers in their 20s are at the highest risk of dangers from distracted driving: they make up 27% of the distracted drivers in fatal crashes.

Right now, and at any given moment of the day in America, about 660,000 drivers are using electronic devices while driving.

Hands free phones are not substantially safer than handheld use, as your brain is still distracted even though you have the use of your hands. It's best to not talk on the phone at all while driving.

40% of American teens say they've been in a car while a driver used a cell phone unsafely.

For more information on the Distracted and Defensive Driving and Education

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